Provider Web Portal Administrative Password Reset Process

Last updated: 04/5/2023

The administrative account gives the user full access to the functionality available within the Provider Web Portal. Providers may have one account administrator on the administrative account. Delegates may not submit an administrative password reset.

If the user ID, password or challenge questions to the administrative account are unknown:

  1. An administrative password reset request must be submitted in writing. Submit a letter on company letterhead by email to NoReply.ProviderWebPortal@gainwelltechnologies.com with the subject line "Administrative Password Reset". If the provider has already called in and received a Call Tracking Number (CTN), please include it. The letter must:
    • Be dated within the 30 days of when email is received.
    • List the provider name and National Provider Identifier (NPI) and Health First Colorado ID.
    • Explain why the User ID, password and answers to the challenge questions are not known.
    • Be hand-signed:
      • Individual – Letter should be signed by the provider.
      • Group – Letter should be signed by someone such as an owner, board member, CEO etc. and include their title.
    • Account administrator will be contacted within one (1) - two (2) business days. The provider will be contacted by the Provider Services Call Center for verification. If the provider cannot be reached, a voice message will be left. If the provider cannot verify the administrator password reset request verbally with the administrator, the request will not be processed.
  2. Upon verification, a reply email containing the user ID and a temporary password or a request for additional information will be sent to the email address from which the request originated.
  3. Log in to the Provider Web Portal with the user ID and temporary password. The user will be prompted to change the temporary password to a new, permanent one, and may access the administrative account.

If a group has multiple, individual providers that need an administrative password reset:

The group may submit a password reset request for multiple, individual providers in one letter that lists the required information for each provider (provider name, Health First Colorado ID, NPI, the reason user ID or challenge question is not known and provider signature). Multiple letters are not required.