Understanding the Renewal Process


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Preparing for renewals: Understanding the renewal process

The renewal process (sometimes called redetermination or RRR) for Health First Colorado and CHP+ members occurs annually. We’ve made important improvements and continue to work with members and county partners to refine the process.

Key message for trusted partners:

Learn about the renewal process from administrative and member perspectives so that you can help members through it when the PHE ends.

Renewal process overview: What happens behind the scenes/administratively. 1: Automatically renewed given checks with databases (ex parte). 2: Notice of action approving their continued coverage. 3: No action needed to continue current coverage. OR 1: One or more household members are not automatically renewed with database check (ex parte). 2: Renewal packet - must respond within timeframes, Notice of action letters include information about other coverage options. 3: Action required to continue or transition to other coverage.


“Understanding the renewal process” material starts on page 15 and reviews the following:

  • Key terms
  • Automatic renewal process or “ex parte”
  • Other coverage options=
  • Sample member correspondence

The toolkit also includes links and how-to guides for key tasks.

Full toolkit: Preparing for renewals: Update your address and understanding the renewal process (PDF)

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