Take Action On Your Renewal

Public Health Emergency Planning

Phase 2: Take action on your renewal

Community partners, stakeholders and advocates: Help us spread the word!

The materials in this toolkit are designed to encourage members to look for their renewal paperwork in the mail and PEAK mailbox and take action when they get them.

Key message for members:

It’s time to take action on your renewal to keep your health coverage.

Why this message is important:

Members must complete, sign and return their renewal packet to keep their health coverage if they still qualify.


This toolkit includes flyers, website text, newsletter and social media content, sample emails and text messages in English and Spanish.

You may modify the language to fit your specific communication platforms; however, the messaging in these resources should remain the same to ensure consistency.

Messaging toolkit: Take action on your renewal

If you have unique outreach needs not addressed in this toolkit please reach out to us, feedback on this toolkit can be sent to hcpf_comms@state.co.us.

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