Programs for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Snapshots are informational only. You must apply to find out what programs or waivers you qualify for.

If you are not looking to find coverage for American Indians or Alaska Natives, please choose another category.

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Health coverage can provide you and your family more options to get the care you need. You can go to any doctor or hospital that accepts the type of coverage, including Indian Health Services, tribal, and urban Indian clinics.

By having coverage through Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid program), Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) or private insurance, you will be able to access care that may not be offered at your tribal health care facility or urban Indian clinic. Peace of mind comes with more health care options for you and your loved ones for unexpected health costs.

Health First Colorado and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)

Health First Colorado and CHP+ are free or low cost public health insurance for Coloradans who qualify. As an American Indian or Alaska Native, if you qualify for Health First Colorado or CHP+ you do not have to pay co-pays or enrollment fees. To find out if you may qualify visit our How To Apply page.

To find out more about Health First Colorado and CHP+, check out these videos for American Indians and Alaska Natives created by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Division of Tribal Affairs:

Connect for Health Colorado

As an American Indian or Alaska Native you can still sign up for private health insurance through the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace. Here is what you need to know:

  • Members of a federally recognized tribe can buy health insurance from Connect for Health Colorado at any time. You do not need to wait for an open enrollment period to enroll. You can also change your health plan once a month.
  • If you applied for an exemption from the individual responsibility payment, you can still sign up for coverage through Connect for Health Colorado.

Connect for Health Colorado has additional information for American Indians and Alaska Natives.