Health First Colorado Recoveries

Member Recoveries

In certain instances, an individual may have obtained Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) benefits that they were not entitled to receive. In such cases the overpayment of benefits may be recovered from the individual.

For more information please contact the human services office in the county where the client resides.

Estate Recovery

The Colorado Medical Assistance Estate Recovery Program is a federally mandated program that requires the State of Colorado to recover Health First Colorado expenditures correctly paid on behalf of certain Health First Colorado members. After the death of a person who has received medical assistance, the law requires that certain individual's assets be used to repay the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF) for these benefits. Colorado's estate recovery statute can be found at Section 25.5-4-302, C.R.S. HCPF's estate recovery rules are found at 10 CCR 2505-10, Section 8.063.Get more information about the Estate Recovery Program.

Estate Recovery vendor contact information:

Health Management Systems (HMS)
333 W. Hampden Ave., #425
Englewood, CO 80110
Phone: (303) 837-8293
Fax: (303) 861-1028

Post Pay Recoveries

Post-Pay projects recover the cost of benefits paid on behalf of a Health First Colorado member by HCPF where another party is legally responsible for payment. Post-pay recovery projects encompass several separate and distinct recovery programs, which include but are not limited to, the following: Medicare recoveries, commercial insurance recoveries, and provider retractions. HCPF contracts with Health Management Systems (HMS) to perform post-pay recoveries.  Additional information regarding post pay recoveries may be obtained by contacting ashley.dirienzo@state.co.us.

Trust Recoveries

Certain trusts are required to establish and/or maintain Health First Colorado eligibility. Upon the death of a Health First Colorado member, HCPF is required to collect certain trust funds in order to offset Health First Colorado benefits paid on behalf of the member.  For more information regarding trusts, please contact medicaid.trusts@state.co.us.