Health Services Initiatives (HSI)

Health Services Initiatives (HSIs) allow states to use a limited amount of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) dollars to improve the health of children (42 CFR 457.10), and the Department is engaging the community to inform how some of those dollars will be spent. 

How can HSI dollars be spent?

  • To directly improve the health of children under the age of 19 living in low-income households
  • On direct services or public health initiatives
  • Towards children directly and/or pregnant and postpartum people
  • With community input (per HB22-1289)
  • On projects that complement but do not duplicate existing services for Health First Colorado or CHP+ members

Read more about how HSI funding has been used by other states.

The Department will be soliciting feedback from the community on the process and eventual funding projects. To stay informed, please sign up for the newsletter, and information on next steps such as requests for projects and feedback will be shared on this site. 

Questions? Send questions to hcpf_coverallco@state.co.us. All questions and responses will be deidentified and then posted publicly in the HSI FAQs document.

The Application for 2024-2025 Health Services Initiatives is NOW OPEN! 

Click here to complete the HSI project application or suggestion form by February 29, 2024. 

Additional application materials, including the scoring rubric can be found here.

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