Hospital Community Benefit Accountability Program Requirements

HB19-1320 requires non-profit tax exempt general hospitals, Denver Health Medical Center, and University of Colorado Hospital to convene a public meeting at least once each year to seek feedback regarding the hospital's community benefit activities. Each hospital must report to the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (the Department) certain community benefits, costs, and shortfalls in the preceding year, and the department is required to submit an annual summary report to subject matter committees of the general assembly.

Hospital Requirements
  • Complete a community health needs assessment every 3 years
  • Complete a community benefit implementation plan every year
  • Convene a public meeting at least once a year
  • Report certain elements to the Department and
  • Post the information to the hospital's public website
Hospital Reporting Elements
  • The following information on the public meeting held that satisfies the public meeting requirements:
    • A Date, time, location
    • Outreach efforts
    • Individuals and organizations invited to the meeting
    • A list of individual meeting attendees
    • Meeting agenda
    • A summary of the meeting discussion
    • Actions taken as a result of feedback received
  • Most recent community health needs assessment
  • Community benefit implementation plan for the coming year
  • Copy of the most recent submitted form 990
  • Description of investments made that were included in Part I, Part II, and Part III of schedule H of form 990
    • Indicate the cost of the investment
    • Indicate whether the investment addressed a community identified health need
    • For any investment that addressed a community identified health need identify the following applicable categories:
      • Free or discounted health care services
      • Programs that address health behaviors or risks
      • Programs that address the social determinants of health
      • Other categories
    • For any investment that addressed a community identified health need describe available evidence that shows how the investment improves community health outcomes
  • Description of total expenses included in line 18 of section 1 of submitted form 990
  • Revenue less expenses included in line 19 of section 1 of the submitted form 990
Public Meeting Requirements
  • Seek feedback on the hospital's community benefit activities during previous year
  • Seek feedback on hospital's community benefit implementation plan for the following year
  • At a minimum invite representatives from:
    • Local public health agencies
    • Local chambers of commerce and economic development
    • Local health care consumer organizations
    • School districts
    • County governments
    • City and town governments
    • Community Health Center
    • Certified rural health clinics or primary care clinics
    • Area agencies on aging
    • Safety Net Clinic
    • Health care consumer advocacy organizations
    • The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
    • The Department of Public Health and Environment
    • The Department of Human Services
    • The Colorado Commission on Higher Education
    • The Office of Saving People Money on Health Care
    • The Division of Insurance within the Department of Regulatory Agencies
  • Invite the general public in an advertisement placed in any major newspaper published in the community
Department Requirements
  • Submit an annual summary of the hospital reports submitted including:
    • Amount each reporting hospital invested in:
      • Free or reduced cost health care services that addressed community identified health needs
      • Programs that addressed health behaviors or risks
      • Programs that addressed social determinants of health
      • All services and programs that addressed community identified health needs
    • Summary of investments that have been effective in improving community health outcomes
    • Legislative recommendations
  • Develop a website for reporting hospitals to submit reports
  • Post reports on a public web page


Nancy Dolson
Cynthia Miley