2016 Agency Letters

Agency Letter Number Subject Area Subject Synopsis Issue Date Attachment
15-010 Financial Medicaid Eligibility - Long Term Care Approved increase to the personal needs allowance for residents of nursing facilities or intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities for 2016 12/15/2015  
15-011 Medicaid Eligibility 2016 Social Security cost of living adjustments 12/18/2015


16-001 Consideration of Trust in Determining Medical Assistance Eligibility Declaration of Income Trust including instructions, responsibilities, and closure procedure 2/11/2016

Declaration of Income Trust form

Instructions for Completing the Income Trust form

Notice of Income Trust Closure

Income Trust Ledger

16-002 Medicaid and Child Health PlanPlus(CHP+) Medicaid and CHP+ Program 2016 Federal Poverty Level guidelines 2/29/2016

Medicaid Income chart

CHP+ Income chart

16-003 Medical Assistance - Medicare Savings Program and Low Income Subsidy 2016 income limits 3/11/2016  
16-004 Medicaid Buy-In Program for working adults with disabilities 2016 Income Chart and Premium Guide 2/12/2016  
16-005 Medicaid Buy-In Program for children with disabilities 2016 Income Chart and Premium Guide 2/12/2016  
16-006 Long-Term Care Financial Eligibility Spousal Impoverishment 2016 Increase to the Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance (MMMNA) 6-28-2016  
16-007 Medicaid Appeals Appeals House Bill 16-1277 8/29/2016  
16-008 Medical Assistance Refugees and Medical Assistance Eligibility 9/13/2016