2007 Agency Letters

Agency Letter Number Subject Area Subject Synopsis Issue Date Attachment
07-004 Disability Determination Application

Medicaid Disability Application Transmittal

Define the process around sending disability determinations to Consultative Examinations, LTD (CEL), the third-party vendor who makes disability determinations for the department

07-007 Medicare Part D

Clarification of Medicare Part D premium payments for Home and Community Based Services and Alternative Care Facility Clients

Guidance on deducting nursing facility clients Medicare Part D premium from their Medicaid patient payment on the AP-5615 Form

02/23/2007 Client payment for home and community based services-300% ACF clients-Post Eligibility Treatment of Income
07-011 Eligibility for Medicaid Long-Term Care Services

PETI deductions, Promissory Notes, Personal Care Agreement and Transfers of Assets

Revised rules regarding treatment of medical expenses incurred during a period of ineligibility, treatment of promissory notes, treatment of personal care agreements and modification of the start date for penalty periods in asset transfers

07-012 Benefits Coordination

CBMS Accident Liability Screen

New accident liability screen will be available in CBMS beginning April 16, 2007 and to provide rules and procedures regarding this accident liability screen

03/30/2007 CBMS Accident Liability window
07-013-1 Non-Emergent Medical Transportation Affirm the role of county Department of Social/Human Services in the administration of the Non-Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT) program. This letter is a follow up to the NEMT agency letters released in June and July of 2004 04/24/2007 NEMT Criteria

Replaces HCPF 07-001

Release of EPSDT client information to EPSDT contractors