Performance Improvement Team Bios

Supervisor: Nicole Duran-Jones - Bio

Nicole began her career in Human Services in 2011 with Larimer County, starting as an Eligibility Worker and later becoming a Quality Assurance Senior Technician. In April 2017, Nicole joined Health Care Policy and Financing as a Performance Improvement Specialist working on the Statement of Work and Request for Proposal for the BPR Project. Today, Nicole is the supervisor of the Performance Improvement Team (PIT), and is PuMP certified as well as Green Belt certified in Lean Six-Sigma.

Continuous Improvement Specialist: Vanessa Garcia - Bio

Vanessa began her career at Health Care Policy and Financing over 5 years ago. She has worked on many Medicaid Eligibility teams such as Systems, Project Management and Operations. From 2014-2015 she was a part of the HCPF Back Office team that was created to process over 20,000 MA applications after the Affordable Care Act implementation. Vanessa is Green Belt certified in Lean Six-Sigma.

Continuous Improvement Specialist: Arturo Serrano - Bio

Arturo began his career in Human Services over 15 years ago with El Paso County. His first position was a Colorado Works Case Manager, were he worked with the Spanish Speaking population of El Paso. He later supervised two units in El Paso before he became the Economic Assistance Manager in El Paso. During his time as Economic Assistance Manager he led multiple Business Process Initiatives in El Paso and was part of the initial CEPIC group focusing on Business Process Reengineering (BPR). After working with El Paso County, Arturo spent time on the road working as a Change Agent for Change and Innovation Agency (C!A). While at C!A, he visited 8 States where he assessed local and regional offices and completed implementation initiatives Roll-outs for those States. He looks forward to meeting you and collaborating with Counties and MA Sites throughout the entire state of Colorado. Arturo is Green Belt certified in Lean Six-Sigma.

MA Eligibility Compliance Specialist: Cambri Hilger - Bio

Cambri has six years of experience practicing law in private sector healthcare compliance. She strives to distill complex rules into easy-to-understand processes, and is dedicated to creating partnerships with her internal and external customers.

Medicaid Inbox Communication Coordinator: Renee Kazemi - Bio

Renee started in processing cases for TANF, Food Assistance and Medicaid in 2001. In 2006, she started working with the Elderly and Disabled populations assisting with applications for various programs. She has over 10 years experience working with LTC and MSP programs within State government. She has also assisted uninsured Colorado residents apply for Medical Assistance within a Hospital setting. She joined Health Care Policy and Financing nearly 2 years ago, researching and providing Medicaid Eligibility Policy guidance for internal and external partners who send inquiries to the Medicaid Eligibility Policy inbox.

Eligibility Operations Data Analyst: Eli Kaplow - Bio

Eli started his career working for public and university libraries. For the last 10 years, he has worked as an analyst and programmer. He specializes in creating automated, user friendly solutions to novel challenges.