FY 2019-20 Requests

Submitted November 1, 2018.

Decision Items

R-1 Medical Services Premiums

R-2 Behavioral Health Community Programs

R-3 Children's Basic Health Plan

R-04 Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution
R-05 Office of Community Living Cost and Caseload
R-06 Local Administration Transformation
R-07 Primary Care Alternative Payment Methods
R-08 Benefits and Technology Advisory Committee
R-09 Long-Term Home Health Private Duty Nursing Acuity Tool
R-10 Transform Customer Experience
R-11 All-Payer Claims Database Financing
R-12 Medicaid Enterprise Operations
R-13 Provider Rate Adjustments
R-14 Office of Community Living Governance
R-15 Operational Compliance and Program Oversight
R-16 Employment First Initiatives and State Programs for People with IDD

Non-Prioritized Items

NPR-01 Colorado Health IT Roadmap Operating (LG)
NPR-03 Integrated Document Solutions Increased Input Costs
NPR-04 Community Provider Rate w Medicaid (DHS)
NPR-05 1% Provider Rate Increase (CDPHE)
NPR-06 Transfer Home Modification Child Waiver Program(DOLA)
NPR-07 OIT_DI1 Essential Database Support
NPR-08 OIT_DI2 Securing IT Operations
NPR-09 OIT_DI4 Application Refresh and Consolidation
NPR-10 OIT_DI5 Optimize Self-Service Capabilities
NPR-11 OIT_DI6 Enterprise Data Integration Services
NPR-12 Salesforce (DHS)
NPR-13 Annual Fleet Vehicle Request (DHS)