Electronic Visit Verification Provider Choice Systems Information

Welcome Provider Choice Users!

If you have chosen to use a Provider Choice System, this web page will provide information and tools for your implementation. By selecting a Provider Choice System, you will contract with a vendor of your choice. If you would prefer to use the State EVV Solution, you can visit the State EVV Solution page.

Here is a list of vendors who have interfaced with Sandata in Colorado or other states. Interface time may be reduced by choosing a vendor from this list. The Department does not endorse any vendor or recommend using a vendor from this list.

For general information about the requirement for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), visit our EVV Overview page

Tools for EVV Provider System

Training for Provider Choice Systems

Provider Choice User Training for the Aggregator

  • Training is free and mandatory for Medicaid Provider Agencies using a Provider Choice System to receive aggregator log-in credentials.
  • Aggregator training is available to start now, and can be completed before or after interface testing.
  • Aggregator log-in credentials will be provided via email by Sandata within two days of training completion.

Register for Provider Choice System Training - This training is intended for Provider Choice System Providers only

EVV Self-Paced Training Supplemental - December 2019

How to Interface with State Solution

Technical Specifications Documents

As part of the Colorado Choice EVV program, providers who will be utilizing a third-party EVV vendor will receive two documents with instructions for interfacing with the Sandata Aggregator:

Providers choosing to use an alternate EVV vendor are encouraged to review these technical specifications documents.

Provider Choice System Readiness Checklist

Phase One: Outreach

  • Choose a vendor to contract with. See our list of approved vendors for more details if you have not yet chosen a vendor.
  • Review technical specifications with your selected vendor

Phase Two: Setup Interface Testing with Sandata

  • You and your selected vendor reach out to Sandata to begin Interface process
    • We recommend you email Sandata's call center and your vendor together for easier tracking
    • Sandata Call Center contact information: 844-289-4246 or coaltevv@sandata.com
    • For general questions, contact Sandata at CoCustomerCare@sandata.com
  • Sandata will create an account to support testing
  • Sandata will send a testing guide and checklist to your selected vendor

Phase Three: Interface Testing

  • Test files will be uploaded and checklist completed by your selected vendor
  • If unsuccessful, the checklist will be marked with erroneous files and scenarios and sent back
    • Your selected vendor will correct and errors and resubmit the checklist until all errors and corrected

Phase Four: Production

  • Your selected vendor and Sandata both confirm testing is successfully completed
  • Sandata requests a Go Live date from you
    • Go Live date is the date you choose to begin using your Provider Choice System
  • Sandata sends credentials to you