ColoradoPAR: Kepro Provider Training Information

Atrezzo System Enhancements

From provider feedback, Kepro released Atrezzo portal enhancements to improve the end user experience in late January. The UM Create Case Wizard enhancement is now live and designed to improve provider experience and decrease provider burden when submitting your Health First Colorado PARs to Kepro for review. Kepro has provided a pre-recorded training as well as Kepro will be providing two live webinars to demonstrate the new interface and respond to questions you may have about it.  Please register for one or both of the following sessions. 

Important Information on Provider Training and Provider Portal Registration

Attention Physician Administered Drug Providers: Starting on January 18, 2022, a select number of physician administered drugs (PADs) will be subject to prior authorization (PA) requirements. All PAD PA procedures and clinical criteria may be found on Appendix Y: Physician Administered Drug Medical Benefit Prior Authorization Procedures and Criteria. Providers will be required to follow all General Provider and PAD billing policies found in the PAD billing manual located on the Billing Manuals web page.

Kepro's Training Curriculum for All Providers Except Physician Administered Drug Providers

The 1.1 training is for System Administrators only. Please see the training module details below.

Curriculum Name: System Administrator Overview 1.1
Duration: 40 minutes (includes Q and A)
Delivery Method: Live demonstration and Provider User Guide

Module Name Learning Objectives
Requesting Registration Keys
  • Complete the account request process
Atrezzo Provider Registration
  • Access Atrezzo provider portal
  • Understand how to create a provider group account
  • Complete registration for additional NPI numbers
Provider Group Administrator Functions
  • Recognize system features for adding and managing users, resetting passwords (PWs) and unlocking accounts

The 2.1 and 2.2 trainings are for anyone who will be submitting PARs. There will be two separate trainings to learn about the Provider Portal. You must attend both sessions. Please see the training module details below.

Curriculum Name: System Overview 2.1
Duration: 60 minutes (includes Q and A)
Delivery Method: Live Demonstration and Provider Portal User Guide

Module Name Learning Objectives
New Requests
  • Submit a new request in Atrezzo (IP or OP)
Saved Requests
  • Complete a saved but not submitted request
Supporting Documentation
  • Upload Supporting documentation
  • Identifying successful uploads
Locating Submitted Cases and Determination Letters
  • Complete a search using a member ID or Kepro case ID
  • Locate and review determination letters

Curriculum Name: System Overview 2.2
Duration: 60 minutes (includes Q and A)
Delivery Method: Live Demonstration and Provider Portal User Guide

Module Name Learning Objectives
Adding Additional Codes/Revisions
  • Add additional codes and revisions
  • Request a reconsideration
Peer-to-Peer Process
  • Determine when to request a Peer-to-Peer

The Benefit Specific Training module is detailed below.

Curriculum Name: Benefit Specific Overviews
Duration: 45 minutes (includes Q and A)
Delivery Method: Power Point Presentation

Module Name Learning Objectives

Benefit Specific Topics

  • Audiology
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • DME
  • Medical Surgeries
  • Molecular Testing
  • OOS Inpatient
  • Pediatric Behavioral Therapy
  • PT, OT, ST
  • Personal Care
  • Understand benefit specific requirements for PAR submission

Upcoming Training

Kepro Provider Training Materials

Contact Information

If you have any technical issues while registering for Provider training, please email coproviderregistration@kepro.com. If you have any questions registering for Kepro's Provider Portal, Atrezzo, please email coproviderissue@kepro.com. You can also contact Kepro's call center at 720-689-6340. If you have questions for the Department on the UM vendor transition or PAR process, please email hcpf_um@state.co.us.