Care and Case Management System Training

CCM Job Aids

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

CCM System Demonstrations

  • CCM System Demo 4 - March 30, 2023
    Topics covered: alerts, activities, tools/appointments, documents, print limit, activity log, Health360, medications, activity log, health summary, allergies, medications, risk scores, diagnoses
  • CCM System Demo 3 - March 29, 2023
    • Topics covered: emergency enrollment request, family support service program most in need, assessment, referrals
  • CCM System Demo 2 - March 28, 2023
    • Topics covered: programs, assessment and support plan - legacy 100.2, legacy IADL
  • CCM System Demo 1 - March 27, 2023
    • Topics covered: adding a new member/member demographics, profile, contacts, decision making and advanced directives, employment, living arrangements, Colorado intake screen tool, referrals, care team, care providers, staff members
  • Demonstration for Partners (Regional Accountable Entities (RAE), Consumer Direct Colorado, Department of Local Affairs, and other State Users)
  • Demonstration for Telligen and Transition Coordination Agencies


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