Business Process Re-Engineering

CCM System

The Department is implementing a new Care and Case Management (CCM) System which will streamline processes and increase efficiency for case managers and members.

As part of the Department's Case Management Redesign initiative, the intent of the new CCM system is to improve care and case management service delivery and modernize Department and Case Management Agency (CMA) operations. The CCM system will improve the efficiency of case management activities and services by automating functions within the system for the processes related to the new Level of Care Eligibility Determination screen, Assessment and Person-Centered Support Plan and Person-Centered Budget Algorithm. The CCM system is intended to incorporate the functions currently performed by the BUS, DDDWeb (CCMS) and the Bridge.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

The Department understands the new CCM system will change the way CMAs operationalize case management activities and impact current business processes and workloads. Therefore, the Department is facilitating Business Process Re-engineering(BPR) to help CMAs in the transition to the new system. To participate in the BPR process, we are asking CMAs to complete the following:

  • Determine and list all existing management, operational and supporting business processes that are likely to be affected by the implementation of the CCM system. This will likely include aspects of day to day operations, data management and reporting, systems, and user training. Read What is a Business Process for more information.
  • Designate a single point of contact for all BPR communication.
  • Complete the BPR Survey using the information above.



View Business Process Re-Engineering FAQ page


Stakeholder Engagement

September 2, 2021

Topic: Project Scope and Stakeholder Feedback Review

September 29, 2021

Topic: BPR Update - CMA Member Data File & Systems Survey

October 13, 2021

Topic: BPR Systems Focus Group


Rhonda Johnson
CCM External Operations Unit Supervisor