FY 2022-23 Requests

Submitted November 1, 2021.

Decision Items

R-1 Medical Services Premiums (narrative)

R-2 Behavioral Health Community Programs (narrative)

R-3 Children's Basic Health Plan (narrative)

R-04 Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution

R-05 Office of Community Living Cost and Caseload

R-06 Value Based Payments

R-07 Utilization Management

R-08 County Administration, Oversight and Eligibility

R-09 Office of Community Living Program Enhancements

R-10 Provider Rate Adjustments

R-11 ACC & CHP+ Accountability

R-12 Convert Contractor Resources to FTE

R-13 Compliance FTE

R-14 MMIS Funding Adjustment and Contractor Conversion

R-15 Restore APCD Scholarship Funds

R-16 Urban Indian Health Organization State-Only Payments

R-17 SBIRT Training Grant Program Reduction

Non-Prioritized Items

NP-01 Food Service and Housekeeping Coordinated Compensation
NP-02 Office of Operations Operating Request
NP-03 CSEAP Resources
NP-04 Paid Family Medical Leave Act Funding
NP-05 Annual Fleet Vehicle Request
NP-06 OIT_FY23 Budget Request Package
NP-07 DHS 1% Community Provider Rate Increase
NP-08 Equity Officers