Adult Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Waiver Redesign Stakeholder Engagement


Adult Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Waiver Redesign Stakeholders provide guidance and advice to the Department on the development and implementation of a redesigned waiver to support adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

The redesigned waiver will offer an array of services and supports that are flexible to the needs and preferences of the individuals who receive them, are available when and where they are needed, and incorporate the following principles:

  • Freedom of choice over living arrangements, social, community, and recreational opportunities
  • Individual authority over supports and services
  • Support to organize services in ways that are meaningful to the individual receiving services
  • Health and safety assurances
  • Opportunity for community contribution
  • Responsible use of public dollars


In October 2013, the Department organized a Waiver Redesign Workgroup comprised of diverse stakeholder perspectives including individuals receiving services, their family members, professional advocates, and representatives from provider agencies and the Community Centered Boards. A comprehensive report was presented to the Department in April 2015. Please see the "Reports" section below to view this work.

Thereafter, the Department began evaluating and planning for the implementation of the Workgroup's recommendations. In August 2016, the Waiver Redesign Workgroup transitioned to become the Waiver Implementation Council. The Council consulted and advised the Department in redesigning services and analyzing the fiscal, programmatic, and operational impacts of a redesigned waiver are in progress.

In October 2018, the Department and the Council expanded from a formal representative stakeholder process to more directly draw from the statewide stakeholder community's consultation and advice for the remaining development and implementation of a redesigned waiver.


Report from the Redesign Workgroup for Waivers Serving Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (April 30, 2015):

Waiver Redesign Quarterly Progress Updates to the Joint Budget Committee




Current Status

The Department and stakeholders prioritized and planned an incremental process to more measuredly and readily implement policies and service design principles set out C.R.S. § 25.5-6-409.3 (4). To that end, the Department has continued to make progress on the IDD consolidated waiver and complementary initiatives.

The Department continues working to align service design, policies, and implementation across all HCBS waivers to serve all populations, including those who would access the IDD consolidated waiver. In doing so, the Department will advance the mutual aims of IDD waiver redesign while ensuring needed HCBS services are designed to be flexible and simplified. The Department will make accessing services more straightforward and easier, while helping build provider capacity to streamline and stabilize the future workforce. 

For more information on updates on our complementary initiatives, please see our quarterly updates to the JBC listed above.

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If you are not currently on the Adult IDD Waiver Redesign Stakeholder email distribution list and would like to be added, please contact John Barry at or 303-866-3173. If you have any questions regarding this or complementary initiatives, please contact


Reasonable accommodations for all public meetings will be provided upon request for persons with disabilities.
Please contact at 303-866-3173, or the 504/ADA Coordinator at at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting if you need accommodations.